Fairfield United Soccer Association

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Open Registration Events
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Registration Dos and Dont's


    • If you are new, have all your registration documents ready to upload including photo, passport or birth certificate.


    • Create additional accounts for additional family members. Register all players and parents under the username used to register the first player in your family. Creating additional accounts is not restricted by the system, however it will cause issues when rostering and making payments.

    Welcome to Fairfield United's registration system!

    RETURNING PLAYERS and COACHES: If you do not remember your password, DO NOT create a new account. Please click "Forgot Password" to retrieve your password before logging in.

    Please do not create a separate account for players or coaches as this will cause issues when trying to place you on your assigned team.

    If you're player has been on a team before, do not create a new entry for them. Simply select your child from the list of family members and register them for the event.

    NOTE: Duplicate entries (Parents, coaches, or players) in the StackSports system create a number of potential admin and billing issues. Duplicates are very easy to create (their system unfortunately does not check for duplicates at all) and difficult to remedy once created. Following the instructions above will be a big help - thank you!

    NEW PLAYERS: Please create a new account before registering.

    NEW COACHES: Coaches registering should use the same account they used to register their players.

    New Players should have photo and birth certificate/passport ready before registering.

    All players documents must be uploaded to the system.

    ***Click here for tips on uploading photos to the new system