Fairfield United Soccer Association

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Open Registration Events
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Registration Dos and Dont's


    • If you are new, have all your registration documents ready to upload including photo, passport or birth certificate.


    • Create additional accounts for additional family members. Register all players and parents under the username used to register the first player in your family. Creating additional accounts is not restricted by the system, however it will cause issues when rostering and making payments.
    How to Become a Referee

    Fairfield United Soccer Association is always interested in encouraging adults and young adults to become soccer referees. Refereeing deepens a person's knowledge and understanding of soccer, as well as provides a way contribute to the game. Refereeing is a great way for those who love soccer to stay involved with the game and get paid for it.

    Refereeing presents an excellent opportunity for young teens to learn self confidence, responsibility and leadership…...as well as earn some pretty decent money!

    Information on the Connecticut State Referee Program, including qualifying to become a referee, recertification, training, and completing an initial certification can be found at www.ctreferee.net.

    For new referees, the online portion of the grade 8 entry level referee program is open primarily from August to December. The candidate must be 13 years old by June 30th of the following year to register. The entry level program consists of 4 on-line modules and then a one day field/test session. Once the program is completed the referee is certified for the remainder of year and all of the following calendar year. All certified Grade 8 referees must take an online recertification course each year in order to maintain their certification. If you do not take the recertification class each year, you have to re-take the Grade 8 course completely.

    Steps for newly certified referees:

    1) Email our referee assignor, Matt Carty, at fusagoalie@gmail.com for instructions on how to get set up for our online scheduling program, www.assignr.com.
    2) Email our treasurer at treasurerfusa@gmail.com to get set up on our Chase QuickPay payment system.
    3) Register on our www.fairfieldunited.com website under our Register Online tab.

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