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    • If you are new, have all your registration documents ready to upload including photo, passport or birth certificate.


    • Create additional accounts for additional family members. Register all players and parents under the username used to register the first player in your family. Creating additional accounts is not restricted by the system, however it will cause issues when rostering and making payments.
    PCA Connector
    As part of a targeted effort to provide the most positive environment possible for its youth athletes, FUSA is sponsoring a coaches workshop in conjunction with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) on Saturday, October 3rd from 10am-1pm. PCA, a Stanford University-based non-profit organization, works with coaches, organizational leaders and parents to teach young athletes not only how to win, but also how to learn about teamwork, discipline, respect and goal-setting through their sports experience.
    The two-hour session, to be given at Roger Ludlowe Middle School Team Room, provides coaches with tools they can use to become Double-Goal Coaches™ (coaches who want to both win and develop the character of their players). The importance of a 'team-first' attitude figures heavily in this workshop, as do messages such as fostering internal motivation and forming a partnership with players. It's a comprehensive session, and FUSA coaches will learn tips they can implement in their very next practice.

    Workshop Flyer

    Double-Goal Coach

    Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons
    This workshop introduces PCA's Double-Goal Coach™ model and provides an in depth review of the three Principles around which it is built:
    · Honor the Game
    · Fill Emotional Tanks
    · Redefine "Winner"
    Supporting research is presented from experts in coaching, education and sports psychology.
    Every participant gains access to dozens of practical, proven tools to increase success during their next practice or competition.

    Double Goal Coach Job Description

    Two-minute Drills

    During a PCA Leadership Roundtable Call, Bruce Horowitz -- co-founder of 2007 National Youth Sports Award Winner Beverly Hills Basketball League (BHBL) -- explained how message bombardment fuels the league's full implementation of its Positive Coaching initiative.

    Bruce spoke of "2 minute drill" e-mails that he regularly sends to parents and coaches, highlighting nuggets of PCA wisdom. His aim: Sharing enough PCA principles with enough people that Honoring the Game becomes the cultural norm.

    PCA has borrowed the "2 minute drill" from BHBL and will produce a new "drill" each month for both parents and coaches. See below for "2 minute drills" for coaches, players and coaches.

    Respecting Officials - Athletes
    Respecting Officials - Coaches
    Respecting Officials - Parents

    WAG - Athletes
    Stretch Goals - Coaches
    Stages of Talent Development - Parent

    Moral Courage - Athletes
    Romance of Leadership - Coaches

    Culture Keepers - Parents