Fairfield United Soccer Association

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Open Registration Events
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Registration Dos and Dont's


    • If you are new, have all your registration documents ready to upload including photo, passport or birth certificate.


    • Create additional accounts for additional family members. Register all players and parents under the username used to register the first player in your family. Creating additional accounts is not restricted by the system, however it will cause issues when rostering and making payments.
    Volunteer Parent Manager Application

    The professional technical coach assigned to the team will be considered the Head Coach and as such is responsible for all decisions regarding player positions, game strategy and playing times in accordance to FUSA policies. All decisions made by the technical coach are considered final and all parent volunteers will be supportive of those decisions.

    While other roles and responsibilities might be assigned to any one of the parent volunteers, the following are suggested guidelines for these assignments:

    TEAM MANAGER - Is in charge of selecting an assistant. The Team Manager is in charge of scheduling all games, tournaments or friendlies. The Team Manager is in charge of communicating to the parents the schedule of practices and games as well as game results to the league. The Team Manager will pay referees (as needed) and pay for tournaments and be responsible for submitting expenses for reimbursement.

    TEAM ASSISTANT - Is selected by the team manager and will assume responsibilities of the Team Manager in their absence or by request. The Team Assistant may be called on to perform any of the above listed duties in order to assist the Team Manager.

    NOTE: The Team Manager and Team Assistant are to aid the technical coach in any way that is required and will be in charge when the technical coach is no present. Every effort will be made by Ole to provide a substitute technical coach.

    For more details, please refer to the Coach and Manager Handbook available at http://www.fairfieldunited.com/guides

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